What the 2nd Amendment means to some people

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For many people in the United States, the Second Amendment is much more than just another part of some old document. For them, it is a sacred part of their lives. Many people consider the right to bear arms as much a part of being an American as Baseball and apple pie. People who fear losing the right to bear arms get upset not just because they feel that they will not be able to protect themselves, but because they feel that part of what makes them American could be ripped away. While there are gun control statistics that both sides of the debate use to try and prove their point, attempting to tell someone that their feelings on their personal and national identity are wrong is very difficult to achieve. Fundamentalists believe that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. These individuals believe that certain gun control laws have already crossed the line. The right to bear arms is part of what makes America unique among the rest of the first world, and there is a lot of pride that goes with that for most supporters of the 2nd Amendment. For others of course, the right to bear arms is an inconvenience. They see is as not only something that the majority of first world nations had the good sense to avoid or do away with, but as the reason we have gun violence today. Despite the fact that most crimes are committed by illegal or stolen guns, those that are against the right to bear arms still push for further gun control. No matter what happens, the push to either repeal or constrict the 2nd Amendment will not be over any time soon. Until those who are for increased gun control and against the right to bear arms realize that it means more to a majority of Americans than just being able to target shoot and hunt, the dialogue seems doomed to keep going around in circles.

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