Today’s Reality About “The Right to Bear Arms”

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In almost all pro weapon gun control articles you will find reference to the 2nd amendment expression, “The right to bear arms.” In the majority of gun control articles the rational for this right is related to the idea of having guns to fight the government. It is rare to find a gun control article that takes a different view. This one does. While gun fanatics might want to take up arms against a properly elected democratic government doing so would be an act of treason. Therefore the notion that the right to bear arms means the right to violently rebel is an obvious problem. If the 2nd amendment allows violence against the government then the 2nd amendment is approving and protecting treason. The” right to bear arms” does not give any protection to acts of treason. But let’s examine this idea a little more. Most gun control articles carefully avoid any legitimate gun control statistics. Some will offer false or distorted information but few will face the harsh realities of factual gun control statistics. For example few if any pro gun articles will feature the facts that over 2200 gun deaths, in the US alone, since the massacre at Newtown. Most anti gun control articles will avoid the hard fact that far more women than men are murdered by guns in America. No, most gun articles are little more than an outraged whine about losing imaginary freedoms. The 2nd amendment argument in particular ia annoying because of some other TRUTHFUL gun control statistics. Here is the most important one: While the true number of guns in America is unknown (largely due to the efforts of the gun lobby in Washington), what we can access is terrifying. How’s this to justify the idea that the right to bear arms is under attack or that the government is “coming to take your guns:” by the best assessments available there are… 37 MILLION guns in private hands in America. Ok, so what? Well, the entire US military only has… 4 MILLION guns! That’s right. There are 9.25 private weapons for every one held y the military! The right to bear arms? The 2nd amendment? The government coming to “take away your guns?” Who is really crazy here?

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