The Role of Gun Control Articles in Gun Control

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Gun control debate
Can gun control articles play any role in bringing about a strong gun control regime? Yes, they can. The written word has a power of its own. Gun control articles are doing a great service to the cause of controlling gun ownership in two ways. Firstly, these articles discuss the issue in great detail by using gun control facts and put the issues involved in proper light. Secondly and more importantly, gun control articles help in mobilizing public opinion in favor of the right side by making people aware of the facts. Since many people do not have the time, knowledge or inclination to study the issues involved in gun control and make up their minds, they depend on gun control articles published in the newspapers, periodicals and the internet. Gun control articles thus enlarge both the scope of and the level of participation in the gun control debate. They do it both by bringing gun crime statistics to the knowledge of their readers and making the readers understand the picture presented by these statistics. Without gun control articles making the issues clear to them, most of the readers may have only a superficial understanding of the subject. Let us see how gun control articles present some of the facts relating to gun control. People who oppose gun control laws claim that allowing people to have guns will help prevent crime. Gun control articles present evidence to disprove this claim. Studies have found that if there is a gun in a house, the women and children living in that house have a greater risk of falling prey to gun violence. Another finding is that states that have high gun ownership have a higher number of children becoming victims of homicide. A third fact that corroborates these two data is that the number of gun deaths for 100,000 citizens is higher for the United States than it is for South Africa, resulting in the US getting ranked below South Africa in controlling gun crimes. The one group that seems to have ignored all these facts presented by gun control articles is the National Rifles Association (NRA), which is leading the fight against gun control. By following a policy of not compromising on its stand, the NRA has reduced itself from the status of being a club to that of a highly paid lobby.

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