The Right to Bear Arms In the Constitution Is Not a Pun

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Gun control
The right to bear arms does not mean that you have an inalienable right to posses the arms of a black bear. It means that you, as an American Citizen, have the right to own a gun, as per the 2nd amendment. In light of the tragedies of the past year, gun control has become an even more important issue now more than ever. Much like any other hot button issue in the political arena, a responsible citizen should try to see through the spin that lobbyists and politicians put on gun control statistics. Many times spinsters will use clever rhetoric to disguise the truth about guns. Many times the spinsters will try to introduce evidence that has no bearing in the debate other than to provoke an emotional response. Both sides wil do this, so you must be on the watch against each person trying to sell you their case. So if everyone is trying to sell you something, then how do you determine who to listen to? The truth is that you need to consider your own thoughts on the 2nd amendment. Know what questions people are debating and discussing, like whether or not we need stricter gun control? Should we actually relax the laws? Should they stay the same, but increase the penalties. Your 2nd amendment is your right, whether you choose to exercise it or not. Nobody is trying to take it away from you, no matter what people say. The debate is all about what to do in terms of the 2nd amendment. What do you think about the 2nd amendment? What are your thoughts or opinions on it?

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