The Real Reason for Gun Control

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At last, the gun control debate is beginning to gain some traction. For a very long time it seemed all gun control articles were only about the 2nd amendment and “the right to bear arms.” Now however, the tide is changing. More and more articles are revealing the gun control statistics, and these are making people wake up. In 2010 there were almost as many deaths by gun as death from traffic accident. That is shocking. Not enough articles reenforce these gun control statistics. However, focusing too much on deaths diminishes the real significance. For every one person killed by a gun THREE are wounded. If there are thirty thousand deaths there are on hundred thousand injuries! Three times as many wounded as killed. There is a good gun control statistic for people to remember. The real reason we need gun protection laws, aka gun control, is because Americans can’t be trusted with guns. Gun violence is not about drug dealers shooting one another, it is about drunk angry men shooting their wives or girl friends. Gun protection laws are about slowing domestic violence. Gun control is about protecting women. What is gun control about? This; guns do only one thing. They kill. That is their sole purpose. We make students go to drivers education for hours and hours and hours because we want our roads to be safe FOR ALL OF US. We need to do the same thing about guns. Many people who own guns have them for the worst reasons. They live in a safe neighborhood and claim they need a gun for “protection.” That’s like wearing a football helmet for fear of bird poop. It makes no sense. This isn’t said much in gun control articles but the real reason men want guns is because it converts their sense of self from powerless to powerful. Most guys slog through life with little or no control over much. A gun in the hand gives them the power of life and death. Think of any other thing that does that. Tags: gun control statistics, gun debate, US gun control statistics

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