Major Facets Of The Gun Control Debate

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The right to bear arms
The 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution gives every adult American the right to bear arms. The interpretation of this right has been challenged again and again through the centuries, as more modern technologies have paved the way for a different way of living than what was happening in the late 1700s. However, some still hold firm to the belief that everyone should have the right to own guns, while others stand firm in their own beliefs that there should be restrictions on the ownership of these guns. This gun control debate rages on hotly in Congress, in schools and in households throughout the country. When anyone talks about gun control, they usually have quite a firm opinion on this subject. Lots of hunters, gun enthusiasts, public officers and those holding to strict Constitutional beliefs tend to skew toward the idea that gun control is not a very good idea. They often feel as if they are being watched too closely by the government, and they argue pretty well that their rights are firmly embedded in the U.S. Constitution and that they cannot be broken or infringed upon by any outsider. These people often point to gun control as a very unnecessary part of life, and they would rather have the freedom to buy and sell guns as they see fit without the government stepping in to control things. On the other side of this gun control debate is people who are advocating for stronger and stricter laws. These laws that these people are proposing are not specifically intended to keep these gun owners away from their guns, but rather they are wholly intended to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not be owning a gun. These advocates argue that anybody can buy a gun at a gun shop and that this should not be the case. There should be stronger controls like background checks and other things that help prevent these guns from ending up in the wrong hands. Often, these advocates point to sometimes alarming gun control statistics, which sometimes help their arguments and sometimes do nothing at all. This debate will rage on as long as nothing is done about it in Congress. Even after that point, people still will feel slighted regardless of the end they are on in the gun control debate. Hopefully one day it will all be resolved, but until then people will voice their opinions on this.

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