Guns and Violence: An International Problem

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Gun violence accounts for thousands of deaths in America ever year. Gun deaths in the Unites States totaled 31,672 in 2010, according to the Center for Disease Control. Gun control statistics also show that per 100 people, Americans own the most fire arms of any nation’s people. With these numbers in mind, lawmakers around the country are working to increase restrictions on the purchase and distribution of guns. While a recent proposal by the President to enforce background checks on guns purchased online or at gun shows did not gain enough votes, he continues to push pro gun Republicans and Democrats to consider the damage unrestricted access to guns have caused. In response to this push for tighter firearms control, many organizations have voiced their opinion. One well known public show of support for gun control comes from Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In 2006, he and 14 other mayors came together in an effort to raise awareness and garner support on stricter gun regulations. This coalition for gun control has more than 500 members and was instrumental is stopping an amendment that would allow gun owners to travel freely from one state to another with a concealed weapon permit. In 1974, another group of concerned Americans in Virginia formed the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV). This group is comprised of various organizations around the country that advocate for gun control legislature. They have also been vocal against the NRA’s use of the 2nd Amendment to protect gun owners. Joining the U.S. in these efforts, there are global movements that advocate for strict firearm control. The International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) is a coalition that includes several countries in its movement to stop gun violence. They aim at improving firearm regulations and preventing small arms proliferation. IANSA has received support from civil society organizations in countries such as India, and across the African, European, Australian and Asian continents. Australia’s coalition claims that their gun related death tolls have decreased since 1996 because of strict gun laws. Canada is also a member of IANSA and has had its own official Coalition for Gun Control that supports a complete ban on large capacity magazines and assault weapons. Gun death statistics vary by country and one study shows that the United States ranks fourth on this list. The number of school shootings and homicides in America has both pro gun control lobbyists and gun rights activists on edge. After the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, Connecticut lawmakers worked quickly to crack down on gun distribution. This left gun manufactures facing possible closure if gun sales were to drop significantly as a result of the legislature. Both sides of the debate are heated, but national polls suggest than more than half of all Americans support stricter gun control. As the number of annual gun deaths continue to rise, the coalition for gun control will continue to gain speed.

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