Get More Information Before Claiming a Side in the Gun Control Debate

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Gun control statistics
The second amendment to the United States Constitution tells Americans that they have the right to bear arms. In the wake of mass shootings in the U.S., this amendment has come under hot debate. The second amendment was adopted in 1791, does it mean the same thing today as it did back then? Part of the problem is that gun related death statistics are staggering, and easily manipulated. How can you educate yourself as the nation gears up to make decisions regarding gun control? Before picking a side, you can tap into the many resources for statistics available online and in print.
  • Online
  • You can find gun control Wikipedia articles online that can give you a gun control timeline. Understanding the history of gun control is important to understanding why certain laws have been put in place over the years. Gun is also a reliable site for gun control statistics. This website can provide the total number of gun deaths, suicides, unintentional deaths, non fatal gun injuries, and more by country and sometimes by region. How those statistics are interpreted is another manner.
  • Books
  • There are thousands of books on gun control, covering every perspective and side to the debate. One of the most well known books on gun control was written by Robert J. Spitzer, and is titled “The Politics of Gun Control.” This book is recommended for anyone interested in the debate because it details the confrontations between the NRA, and Handgun Control, Inc. while also taking an unbiased perspective. It is also worthwhile to read books that cover opposing sides, to learn about which arguments are popular, and what the common disputes are.
The issue of gun control will not easily be resolved. When personal freedoms are threatened, and when public safety is at risk, there can be no clear cut right or wrong. The best that anyone can do is to educate themselves on the statistics and the history of gun control, and use their own moral compass to advocate either for, or against it.

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