Chosing Gun Control

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In the sincere effort to reform gun laws in America, the effort to have open, honest conversations about gun control have been consistently and aggressively undermined by the gun manufacturing industry and their lobbying agency, the NRA. Irrelevant issues, such as the right to bear arms in the 2nd amendment, have been raised as smoke screens to confuse meaningful gun control debate. So, what is gun control? At present, gun control is a debate on how to change American society so that there are fewer homicides, shootings, mass murders, and gun violence. The approaches include changes to our entertainment industry, improved offering of mental health care and laws that both outlaw certain weapons and restrict ownership of others. What Is Gun Control? It is an effort to search for answers. It is national soul searching to find ways to ensure that the horror of the Sandy Hook school massacre never happens again. What Is Gun Control? It is a national self examination as to why America is so much more violent, especially with guns, than every other civilized western nation. What Is Gun Control? It is the search for truth against a well organized lobby that has had years of practice in creating fear, telling lies and distorting gun control statistics. It is a process by Americans to stand up to the liars and demand the truth. What Is Gun Control? It is every American gaining the courage to say we don’t want to be considered a violent and crazy nation by all the other modern countries of the world. It is about demanding the truth, the facts of gun violence and then acting to bring it to an end. What Is Gun Control? It is each of us looking in the mirror and saying, “This has to stop. People don’t need guns. We are a better people, a better community, a better nation without them.”

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