Is Knowing Gun Control Pros And Cons Important?

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Why do we need to understand gun control pros and cons? The logical answer to this question is that once we are aware of the gun control facts, we will be able to formulate our opinion on the need for stronger gun control laws. This is true for anyone studying gun control pros and cons. But when we find that our legislators are indifferent to gun crime statistics, then we will be justified in asking whether we need to study the gun control pros and cons at all. Let us look at the attitude of some people. We have the National Rifles Association (NRA)which is firm in its opposition to gun control. This organization has made it clear that it will not compromise on its stand. Given such an obstinate attitude, the NRA will have no use for gun control pros and cons. The problem arises from the fact that the NRA has the support of some legislators. The NRA has been functioning more like a lobby than like a club and has been influencing the legislators to act in its favor. What will the pro gun lobby do when it is faced with gun death statistics that show that gun death has been becoming a major problem to handle? It will not join the gun control debate by presenting gun control facts in support of its side. It will come out with arguments like the claim that gun ownership being a right given to the people by the 2nd amendment, it should not be taken away. The fact is that about 99 percent of the information behind this amendment was written by people who had no legal education and hence were not aware of the legal implications of uncontrolled gun ownership. Notwithstanding the specious arguments made by organizations like the NRA, gun control pros and cons present a different scenario. Just two gun control facts will be enough to show that gun control is an imperative need. One, the United States has a high proportion of gun ownership by its citizens who own about half of the guns in the world, though the US has only 5 percent of the population of the world. Two, in regions that have a high ratio of gun owning population, a higher proportion of children die due of homicides. Looking at these two facts together, we can understand what picture then control pros and cons present.

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This website is dedicated to the right to bear arms. I know many Americans feel they need a gun to be safe. We want to discuss this viewpoint directly and find out how realistic that really is. The 2nd amendment gives Americans the right to bear arms. But it is also illegal to drive 100 miles per hour or yell FIRE in a theater. So where it the balance when it comes to Gun Control?