How Do We Handle Gun Death Statistics

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Compiling gun death statistics will have value only if we are able to use them to gain a better understanding of the gun crime scene. Many a gun control article has been written packed with gun crime statistics. But if people look at statistics only as numbers and do not make an effort to understand the picture presented by them, gun death statistics will be of little value to us. For example, what will a person reading a fact that there are 30,000 deaths in the United States every year understand about gun crime? He may not even be able to judge whether this figure is normal or abnormal. One may even think that this figure is not high considering the population of the country. It is the duty of gun control articles to present this fact in perspective by expressing this as a percentage of guns owned by the US citizens and making a comparison with other countries. Such a comparison will show that countries that have a smaller number of guns have a smaller number of murders. Such a presentation will make people understand the gun death statistics in an appropriate way. Since gun death statistics unequivocally support a case for stricter gun control laws, opponents of gun control are doing their best to stop the gun control facts from coming out. We all know that the National Rifles Association (NRA) has been stiffly opposing gun control laws. It has been threatening the legislators that it will work for their defeat in the primaries if they fail to extend their support to the NRA. Apparently propelled by these threats, some of the legislators have taken sides with the NRA and have been putting obstacles in the process of collection of gun death statistics. They create rules that will make it difficult for the National Institute of Health to even study gun violence. Having no answers to the facts revealed by gun death statistics, the NRA and its supporters have been relying on the 2nd amendment to defend their right to own guns. But the fact that about 99 percent of this law was based on the information written by people with no legal education makes their argument sound weak. The picture presented by gun death statistics is real and cannot be ignored.

Gun Control Facts and Gun Control Laws

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Is there a connection between gun control facts and gun control laws? Yes, there is. Gun control facts show us how good and how effective the existing gun control laws are. They can also indicate the course of action to be pursued if we are concerned about gun death. Gun death statistics are one form of gun control facts listing facts in the form of figures, ratios and percentages. They show us the relationship between gun ownership and gun crime. Another kind of gun control facts is information comprising news stories. Taken together, these two kinds of data will present the gun control pros and cons, thus enabling us to think for ourselves and decide what we should do to make the gun control laws more effective. Gun control facts comprise not only facts and figures but also arguments. One of the arguments the anti gun law groups often come out with is that in a democracy, gun control laws have no place. This argument ignores the fact that the purpose of gun control laws is not to prevent guns but to prevent tyranny and lawlessness that may result from uncontrolled gun ownership. Realizing that this kind of argument will sound too weak in any gun control debate, these people invoke the sanctity of the 2nd amendment that guarantees gun owning rights. An appropriate response to this will be to point out that considering that people involved in formulating 99 percent of this act had no formal legal education, there can be nothing sacrosanct about this law. Gun control facts should also contend with the activities of the anti gun control lobby, notably the National Rifles Association (NRA). This highly paid lobby, which calls itself as an association of sportsmen, is well known for its abrasive ways of threatening some legislators that they should toe the line pursued by the NRA lest they should face a defeat in the primaries.

Can Gun Death Statistics Counter Propaganda?

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Gun death statistics project a grisly picture of the effect of uncontrolled gun ownership. But gun crime statistics seem to have no impact on the anti gun control lobby. Take for example the American Rifles Association (NRA) who seems to be leading the attack on the protagonists of stronger gun control. The activities of NRA on the anti gun control front make one wonder whether it is an association of sportsmen as claimed by its members or it is a highly paid lobby as alleged by its critics. Countering all the claims made by the NRA, the gun death statistics show that gun ownership has a strong positive correlation with gun crime. Otherwise, how will one explain the fact that the number of murders in any country has a direct variation with the number of privately owned guns in that country? Gun death statistics also go to show that the ratio of gun ownership is very high in America with 89 guns for a population of 100. If we combine both these findings based on gun control facts, we can easily conclude that it is the uncontrolled gun ownership in our country that contributes to its high rate of gun death. One more startling fact revealed by gun death statistics is that the number of suicides in an area is also related to the number of guns owned in the area. The message conveyed by these figures is very simple. If you have more guns, you are likely to have more murders or suicides! But none of these gun death statistics will matter to the NRA which has been adopting an intransigent attitude towards gun control, who is unwilling to consider the gun control pros and cons. The NRA goes all out to prevent any meaningful anti gun legislation being enacted by threatening the legislators that they would be defeated even in the primaries if they fail to toe the line of the NRA. It is not surprising therefore, to see several legislators joining the anti gun control lobby unmindful of the disturbing outlook presented by the gun death statistics.