Do We Need Gun Control Laws?

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The question whether we need gun control laws at all is sometimes posed by people who are opposed to making the present gun control laws tighter. These people argue that the concept of gun control will be an anomaly in a democracy. If we accept this logic, we cannot have any law at all in a democracy because all laws seek to impose some kind of control on the people. Such a situation will only lead to anarchy. Democracy has the responsibility to prevent anarchy. The objective of gun control laws is not to prevent people from owning guns but to prevent anarchy. Placing reasonable restrictions on gun ownership cannot be considered an infringement on the freedom of people. Anyone who looks at gun control facts will understand the need for making the task of gun control more effective by making the laws tighter. Everyday, we come across gun death statistics in the newspapers which make us feel disturbed. If we make an honest effort to weigh the gun control pros and cons, we can only conclude that gun control is the need of the hour. Gun crime statistics show that the United States has a proportionately higher number of guns. The fact that the United States which contributes only to 5 percent of the population of the world has about 50 percent of the privately owned guns of the world is enough to settle the gun control debate in favor of stronger gun control. The information that countries that have fewer guns also have fewer murders and other severe crimes adds strength to the case for gun control. People who are in favor of unrestricted gun ownership but are against any kind of control on gun ownership use the right given by the 2nd amendment to own and bear guns as a point in their favor. What they fail to see is that 99 percent of this law was created based on the inputs received from people with no college education. A right based on such a weak foundation cannot be considered absolute. Unfortunately, opponents of gun control are resorting to unethical means to further their cause. For example, some legislators who are loyal to the NRA (National Rifles Association) are found to be creating rules that will have the effect of preventing organizations like the CDC even from studying gun violence. these people are not willing to accept gun control.

The Role of Gun Control Articles in Gun Control

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Can gun control articles play any role in bringing about a strong gun control regime? Yes, they can. The written word has a power of its own. Gun control articles are doing a great service to the cause of controlling gun ownership in two ways. Firstly, these articles discuss the issue in great detail by using gun control facts and put the issues involved in proper light. Secondly and more importantly, gun control articles help in mobilizing public opinion in favor of the right side by making people aware of the facts. Since many people do not have the time, knowledge or inclination to study the issues involved in gun control and make up their minds, they depend on gun control articles published in the newspapers, periodicals and the internet. Gun control articles thus enlarge both the scope of and the level of participation in the gun control debate. They do it both by bringing gun crime statistics to the knowledge of their readers and making the readers understand the picture presented by these statistics. Without gun control articles making the issues clear to them, most of the readers may have only a superficial understanding of the subject. Let us see how gun control articles present some of the facts relating to gun control. People who oppose gun control laws claim that allowing people to have guns will help prevent crime. Gun control articles present evidence to disprove this claim. Studies have found that if there is a gun in a house, the women and children living in that house have a greater risk of falling prey to gun violence. Another finding is that states that have high gun ownership have a higher number of children becoming victims of homicide. A third fact that corroborates these two data is that the number of gun deaths for 100,000 citizens is higher for the United States than it is for South Africa, resulting in the US getting ranked below South Africa in controlling gun crimes. The one group that seems to have ignored all these facts presented by gun control articles is the National Rifles Association (NRA), which is leading the fight against gun control. By following a policy of not compromising on its stand, the NRA has reduced itself from the status of being a club to that of a highly paid lobby.

Is Knowing Gun Control Pros And Cons Important?

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Why do we need to understand gun control pros and cons? The logical answer to this question is that once we are aware of the gun control facts, we will be able to formulate our opinion on the need for stronger gun control laws. This is true for anyone studying gun control pros and cons. But when we find that our legislators are indifferent to gun crime statistics, then we will be justified in asking whether we need to study the gun control pros and cons at all. Let us look at the attitude of some people. We have the National Rifles Association (NRA)which is firm in its opposition to gun control. This organization has made it clear that it will not compromise on its stand. Given such an obstinate attitude, the NRA will have no use for gun control pros and cons. The problem arises from the fact that the NRA has the support of some legislators. The NRA has been functioning more like a lobby than like a club and has been influencing the legislators to act in its favor. What will the pro gun lobby do when it is faced with gun death statistics that show that gun death has been becoming a major problem to handle? It will not join the gun control debate by presenting gun control facts in support of its side. It will come out with arguments like the claim that gun ownership being a right given to the people by the 2nd amendment, it should not be taken away. The fact is that about 99 percent of the information behind this amendment was written by people who had no legal education and hence were not aware of the legal implications of uncontrolled gun ownership. Notwithstanding the specious arguments made by organizations like the NRA, gun control pros and cons present a different scenario. Just two gun control facts will be enough to show that gun control is an imperative need. One, the United States has a high proportion of gun ownership by its citizens who own about half of the guns in the world, though the US has only 5 percent of the population of the world. Two, in regions that have a high ratio of gun owning population, a higher proportion of children die due of homicides. Looking at these two facts together, we can understand what picture then control pros and cons present.

Gun Control issue cannot be ignored anymore

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The issue of Gun control cannot be a point of endless discussions and debates anymore. Gun crime statistics reveal an alarming trend. The correlation between gun ownership and gun death is becoming stronger by the day. It is high time that the endless comparison of gun control pros and cons is put to an end and some concrete action is taken by way of making gun control more effective. Any gun control essay only makes the gun control debate sharper with more and more arguments being put up in favor of both the sides of the issue. Effective gun control needs action not a plethora of gun control articles dwelling on oft repeated arguments. Just look at the figures for gun death. It is 30,000 per year for our country, not a figure that can be considered small by any yardstick. With gun control facts showing that there are 89 guns for a population of 100 in the United States, we can understand and appreciate the imperative need for making gun control real by tightening the screws on gun ownership laws. The main opposition to gun control legislation comes from the National Rifles Association (NRA) which has a fairly large membership and a strong political clout. But the reality is that NRA is not a club in the traditional sense of the word, though it is called an association. It is a lobby, a high paid lobby at that with the sole aim of frustrating all efforts towards making gun control laws tighter. NRA is not an association of sportsmen, as it is sought to be projected. Whatever description the Association may use about it, it cannot alter the fact that the NRA is only a highly paid lobby of people stubbornly opposed to any kind of control on gun ownership. There is another issue relating to the gun crime statistics which is not known to many. Do you know that gun deaths affect our economy also? The annual figure for the loss stands very high at $3.7 billion year. So implementing strong gun control measures apart from curbing gun crime can help our economy as well!