Do We Need Gun Control Laws?

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The question whether we need gun control laws at all is sometimes posed by people who are opposed to making the present gun control laws tighter. These people argue that the concept of gun control will be an anomaly in a democracy. If we accept this logic, we cannot have any law at all in a democracy because all laws seek to impose some kind of control on the people. Such a situation will only lead to anarchy. Democracy has the responsibility to prevent anarchy. The objective of gun control laws is not to prevent people from owning guns but to prevent anarchy. Placing reasonable restrictions on gun ownership cannot be considered an infringement on the freedom of people. Anyone who looks at gun control facts will understand the need for making the task of gun control more effective by making the laws tighter. Everyday, we come across gun death statistics in the newspapers which make us feel disturbed. If we make an honest effort to weigh the gun control pros and cons, we can only conclude that gun control is the need of the hour. Gun crime statistics show that the United States has a proportionately higher number of guns. The fact that the United States which contributes only to 5 percent of the population of the world has about 50 percent of the privately owned guns of the world is enough to settle the gun control debate in favor of stronger gun control. The information that countries that have fewer guns also have fewer murders and other severe crimes adds strength to the case for gun control. People who are in favor of unrestricted gun ownership but are against any kind of control on gun ownership use the right given by the 2nd amendment to own and bear guns as a point in their favor. What they fail to see is that 99 percent of this law was created based on the inputs received from people with no college education. A right based on such a weak foundation cannot be considered absolute. Unfortunately, opponents of gun control are resorting to unethical means to further their cause. For example, some legislators who are loyal to the NRA (National Rifles Association) are found to be creating rules that will have the effect of preventing organizations like the CDC even from studying gun violence. these people are not willing to accept gun control.

How Do We Handle Gun Death Statistics

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Compiling gun death statistics will have value only if we are able to use them to gain a better understanding of the gun crime scene. Many a gun control article has been written packed with gun crime statistics. But if people look at statistics only as numbers and do not make an effort to understand the picture presented by them, gun death statistics will be of little value to us. For example, what will a person reading a fact that there are 30,000 deaths in the United States every year understand about gun crime? He may not even be able to judge whether this figure is normal or abnormal. One may even think that this figure is not high considering the population of the country. It is the duty of gun control articles to present this fact in perspective by expressing this as a percentage of guns owned by the US citizens and making a comparison with other countries. Such a comparison will show that countries that have a smaller number of guns have a smaller number of murders. Such a presentation will make people understand the gun death statistics in an appropriate way. Since gun death statistics unequivocally support a case for stricter gun control laws, opponents of gun control are doing their best to stop the gun control facts from coming out. We all know that the National Rifles Association (NRA) has been stiffly opposing gun control laws. It has been threatening the legislators that it will work for their defeat in the primaries if they fail to extend their support to the NRA. Apparently propelled by these threats, some of the legislators have taken sides with the NRA and have been putting obstacles in the process of collection of gun death statistics. They create rules that will make it difficult for the National Institute of Health to even study gun violence. Having no answers to the facts revealed by gun death statistics, the NRA and its supporters have been relying on the 2nd amendment to defend their right to own guns. But the fact that about 99 percent of this law was based on the information written by people with no legal education makes their argument sound weak. The picture presented by gun death statistics is real and cannot be ignored.

4 Reasons Why We Need A Stronger Gun Control Law

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The topic of gun control invariably raises a lot of controversy. There is a powerful section in the United States that has been fiercely resisting gun control and has been doing everything it could, to stymie any gun control legislation being enacted by the Congress. Let us quickly identify four strong factors to support the cause of controlling gun ownership. 1) The US has a disproportionately larger share of the guns in world. Well, guns are not resources to be considered an asset. Therefore, the shocking information provided by gun control facts that the US has 50 percent of the total number of private guns in the world while its population constitutes just 5 percent of the population is definitely a point in favor of stronger gun control laws. 2) The second factor is provided by gun crime statistics. A study has found that, of all the homicide crimes committed in our country, guns take a lion’s share of 60 percent . With such a strong evidence on the way guns are used, the argument that gun ownership is needed for self protection falls by the wayside. 3) US is one of the largest democratic countries in the world. Therefore, we have the responsibility to protect democracy. Democracy should prevent tyranny and if guns promote tyranny, then gun control is an essential remedy to curb this tyranny. 4) Any move towards gun control is resisted by certain groups, notably the National Rifles Association, popularly known as the NRA. Ironically, the very opposition of gun control by this group strengthens the case for bringing in some form of control in buying and using guns. It is well known that NRA is not really an association of sports people as being made out, but only a highly paid lobby. This lobby stubbornly opposes any control over guns ignoring all gun death statistics without even caring to go through the gun control pros and cons. It even forces some legislators into submission by threatening them that they would lose their primaries if they decide to support gun control legislation, convinced by the gun crime statistics.

The right to bear arms discussion

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This website is dedicated to the right to bear arms. I know many Americans feel they need a gun to be safe. We want to discuss this viewpoint directly and find out how realistic that really is. The 2nd amendment gives Americans the right to bear arms. But it is also illegal to drive 100 miles per hour or yell FIRE in a theater. So where it the balance when it comes to Gun Control?