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To Better Grasp the Future of Gun Control, Look to Its Past

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Gun death by state
With mass shootings occurring across the country, and seemingly every other month, the gun control debate is likely to keep popping up in your social circles or among your family. Having a gun control timeline, and a more detailed understanding of events as they have happened over the years, can help you frame your arguments in the debate. Here are three major events in the history of gun control that are worth knowing.
  1. The Second Amendment
  2. On the gun control timeline, there are few events more significant than the establishment in the United States Constitution of the right to bear arms. In 1791 it was adopted with the Bill of Rights, and has been hotly debated in recent years as people believe that it needs to be reinterpreted.
  3. Coalition for Gun Control
  4. In 1989, the Montreal Mas