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The 2nd Amendment Controversy Has Many Sides

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Gun control
2nd Amendment There are not very many hot button issues that stir up controversy more than gun control and the 2nd Amendment. While there are usually two sides to every opinion, this issue has many sides. Gun control has increasingly been in the spotlight with the recent shootings in Aurora, Colorado, and Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Even Barack Obama and his presidency have created controversy. We have seen supplies of guns and ammunition dry up, as gun proponents buy up the stock. They believe that the government will soon try to take away all guns and weapons. This is a rather knee jerk reaction. The 2nd Amendment actually provides protection and the right to bear arms. It is extremely unlike that the current government will try to collect all the guns legally owned by American citizens. While one side wants the free transfer and ownership of any type of gun, assault weapons included, the opposing side wants a more controlled gun ownership plan. One law that was bandied about and was subsequently voted down, was to require background checks of potential gun owners. Proponents of this procedure used the mental illness issues that have surfaced regarding both the Aurora and Sandy Hook shooters. Gun enthusiasts and gun opponents use both gun control statistics and the 2nd Amendment to advance their message. One side claims the 2nd Amendment ensures that anyone can own any gun at anytime. The other side claims that it was actually written to protect the right to self protection against the military, or to defend the country. Both sides have good points concerning the 2nd Amendment and gun control. It will probably be a long and perhaps endless debate. If you are on the fence, there are plenty of discussions on the Internet that can provide opinions and insights.