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Right To Bear Arms!

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The right to bear arms
If you read many of the gun control statistics that are out there, they sure do paint a picture about guns being dangerous and hazardous to society. Some people are very adamant about the right to bear arms and feel that no matter what they should be allowed to own a gun. These people do not believe that the gun control statistics are a direct reflection of the weapon itself, but rather an indication of what people who need rehabilitation or help of some sort can and will do with a gun. This is why the issue of gun control can get so heated among people who believe that doing away with guns is not the answer to fixing the problems that we currently have with guns killing people and destroying other things as well. The 2nd amendment gives us the right to bear arms and to defend ourselves with a gun whenever we feel threatened or in danger. This is where the gun control statistics can get a little fuzzy. For some people that are facing the gun control statistics for the first time, they may have to look closer to see and recognize that they are painting a picture of people using guns but not at the cause or effect of a fatality due to the usage of guns. For these reasons, we find that the gun control statistics are somewhat skewed and cannot tell us for certain whether a gun is a good or bad thing. For reasons such as these we find that by getting ourselves more educated about guns, and making the learning of a gun part of required study before one can apply for a license, makes it even more paramount as well as limits the number of people that can in fact have a gun. Therefore, the people that have these guns tend to be more responsible with them.