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Gun Death Statistics Explode Some Myths

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Gun crime statistics
Gun death statistics do not lie because these are figures compiled by government and non government agencies including the United Nations Organization. So, we can rely on gun death statistics to understand the reality of the situation arising out of unrestricted gun control. People who are against gun control have been using an argument that owning guns will make life more secure for people. But gun death statistics have exploded this myth. Gun control facts indicate that in the United states, there are about 90 guns for every 100 people. This high gun ratio is what is advocated by the anti gun control groups as an insurance against crime. But has it given security to the people? Gun death statistics show that in areas that have a large number of guns, a much larger number of children and women get killed by guns. Gun crime statistics, by thus showing that the reality is opposite of what was projected by the gun control lobby, have exploded the myth that gun ownership gives more protection to people. Gun death statistics also show how the reach of gun crime has affected the country’s economy as well. As a result of gun deaths, the US economy suffers an annual loss of about 4 billion dollars. Whenever facts supporting a particular argument are revealed in a debate, we will normally expect the other side to respond by refuting them or otherwise dealing with them appropriately. But this does not happen with gun control debate. The pro gun groups have nothing to say about gun crime statistics. So, they raise sentimental issues like protecting the right of gun ownership given by the 2nd amendment. The fact that about 99 percent of the second amendment was written on the basis of inputs given by people with no college education and hence no legal education does not appeal to them. People who oppose gun control legislation routinely treat gun death statistics casually, since the scenario presented by these figures cannot be comfortable to them. The anti gun control movement is led by the NRA (National Rifles Association) which functions more like a lobby than like a political organization. Some legislators supporting the NRA are making rules which will be impractical to follow and stymie the efforts of organizations like the CDC involved in studying gun violence. Perhaps, they expect that compiling more gun death statistics will be prevented.